Poché Arts Initiative



Poché Arts aims to create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration between emerging young professionals in the arts, architecture, design and technology realm. The collaboration will take on forms that re-appropriates existing urban conditions by an insertion of art and design works into unconventional spaces. Poché believes this collaboration will bring together creative minds alike and create inspiration and transformation in the arts landscape. 

Poché Arts also facilitates exchanges between Chinese artists and the art communities in New York. It hopes to build up people’s recognition of art/design from today’s China, as well as accentuate the voices of Chinese artists/designers in the international arena. 
Poché Arts is founded by Ye Zhang and Zheheng Hong.


  • Transfer non-conventional spaces, like storefronts, empty units, entrances and halls of commercial buildings, into exhibition space or pop-up galleries
  • Activate and publicize commercial spaces in dense urban environment
  • Build a shared platform/community for emerging and oversea artists/designers
  • Create solo exhibition opportunities for young creative professionals
  • Provide new destinations and experiences for art audience in the City of New York

inquiries please contact info@pochearts.com